Case Orlandi, Pietro: “Ali Agca contradictory, if you have elements, please provide them”

Emanuela’s brother: “Docu-series keeps attention, solidarity messages from all over the world”

“Ali Agca always intervenes in mediatically relevant moments, if you have concrete and verifiable information on my sister’s kidnapping, please provide them. Compared to the statements he has always made about the involvement of the Vatican, to say now that a slanderous campaign against the Church is being carried out with the documentary is contradictory ”. This is how Pietro Orlandi comments to Adnkronos on the open letter from Ali Agca, the ‘gray wolf’ who on May 13, 1981 attacked the life of Pope John Paul II, with whom he spoke on the Netflix documentary ‘Vatican Girl’ which rekindles the spotlight on case of Emanuela Orlandi, the Vatican citizen who disappeared into thin air in Rome in June 1983.

With Agca “I spoke to him in 2010 in Turkey – says Pietro Orlandi – after he was released from prison. I wanted to meet him because years before in a letter to my father he wrote that Emanuela was alive. The things he said were credible, he proved to have knowledge of the world of the Church. Then he said he would send me documents but they never arrived ”.

“The docuseries broadcast on Netflix these days is available in 160 countries and now all over the world they are learning about my sister’s story. I received messages of solidarity from India to Ecuador, people affected by a case they did not know. This too serves – concludes Emanuela’s brother – to keep the attention on my sister’s story alive ”.