Case Pamela, family: “Full stop murder and havoc on the body”

“The fact is that the Supreme Court has definitively established the sentence for the murder and the macabre slaughter on Pamela’s body”. The lawyer Marco Valerio Verni, lawyer of the family of Pamela Mastropietro, says to Adnkronos a few days after the reasons for the sentence of the Supreme Court which confirmed the conviction of Innocent Oseghale for the murder of the 18-year-old Roman, who moved away from a community and the remains of the which were found in two trolleys in Pollenza (Macerata) on 30 January 2018, instead arranging an encore trial on the aggravating circumstance of sexual violence. Verni, who is also Pamela’s uncle, recalls that the Supreme Court has “established a fixed point” considering that “the defense of Oseghale, right up to the end, questioned the murder, arguing that Pamela could have died of an overdose”.

And, remembers the lawyer Verni, “Pamela was stabbed to death, disjointed, severed, skinned, fleshed out, beheaded, all her organs were removed, she was bleeding, washed with bleach, put in two trolleys left on the edge of the road. All this has been confirmed by the Supreme Court “.

“We await the second appeal on sexual violence – concludes the lawyer – We thought that what was established first by the Court of Assizes of Macerata and then by the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Ancona was enough. We see that this is not the case: we will work to prove, in that seat, sexual violence “.