Cash ceiling, Lega: “It will be in budget law”

Salvini: “In the firm points maneuver, from the start of quota 41 to a tax truce”

No problem: from 1 January 2023 the ceiling for the use of cash will rise to 5,000 euros. The law will be included in the Budget Law. Thus the League, after the press articles in which it is stated that the rule on the roof is no longer in the draft of the aid decree quater.

“In the next budget maneuver there will be some fixed points: from raising the threshold of the flat tax to stopping the Fornero law with the launch of quota 41 to a renewed peace or fiscal truce, as Giorgia called it in Parliament, and a revision of the basic income that will certainly be included”, underlined the deputy premier and minister of infrastructure and transport, Matteo Salvini.

“Another fool of the Government. The raising of the cash ceiling is canceled at the last minute by the Aid Decree because the emergency requirements provided for by the decree law are missing. The Meloni Government had not realized that going around with 5 thousand euros in cash in a briefcase does not it is the urgency for a common citizen. It certainly is for tax evaders, corrupt people and organized crime”. Thus, on Facebook, the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte.

“They will try again in the budget law. We will fight so that we worry about families and businesses in difficulty and not about how to create grasslands for illegality”, concludes the former prime minister.