Cash roof, Monti: “Obsolete payment method, serious problem evasion”

According to the senator for life, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is right to talk about merit but it must also apply to the tax authorities. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the former prime minister states that tax evasion in Italy is higher than in Germany

“I don’t think that putting cash thresholds is a brake on historical customs. It is keeping an obsolete way of life alive, just as companies are called upon to evolve more and more towards digitization ”. This is said by former Prime Minister Mario Monti who in an interview with Corriere della Sera criticizes President Meloni’s proposal to raise the cash ceiling up to ten thousand euros. The senator for life recalls that the former Minister of Economy Pier Carlo Padoan also admitted that he made a mistake in raising the cash threshold during the Pd-led government as it is a measure that leads to an increase in tax evasion. (GOVERNMENT MELONI – THE LIVEBLOG)

Monti: the propensity to evasion is high in Italy

“The propensity to evasion in Italy is higher than in Germany and the social sanction against tax evaders is lower in Italy than in Germany,” the senator for life told the CDS. “An analysis must be made of the probability that certain forms of illegality will take hold and it is necessary to understand what are the possible means of contrast” continues Monti. Then it is clear that an economy made up largely of small businesses can give rise to certain forms of black payments more easily. The latest study by the Bank of Italy on this subject, dated October 2021, is very clear ”, concludes the former prime minister.