Cash roof, Zangrillo: “It will be 5 thousand euros, it must be able to be used”

The Minister of the PA: “I take it for granted that Italians are honest”. And he opens up on smart working: “It is more productive if well organized”

A cash ceiling of 5 thousand euros. This is the hypothesis on Rai Radio1, host of Un Giorno da Pecora, the minister of the PA and senator Fi Paolo Zangrillo. “The cash must be usable by the people, I take it for granted that Italians are honestwe must not penalize those who honestly earn their living to counter those very few who do filth, so the liberalization of cash is a reasoning that can be done easily “. the ceiling of ten thousand euros seems too high. “I don’t think the ceiling will be ten thousand euros – she points out – it will be a little less”. “It will be five”Zangrillo speculates.

The minister also opens up on a return to smart working for public employees. “Before the pandemic, workers in smart working were 500 thousand in Italy, now they are 5 and a half million. And the companies that have resorted to smart working have not failed, indeed many of them have declared that productivity has increased. Smart working is a tool. to be used, with the awareness that a different approach to work is needed than the traditional one “, says Zangrillo.

“In traditional work the boss also controls people visually and physically, in smart working you don’t act through control but you evaluate the results”, continues the minister. When asked whether the first or the second is more productive, “I believe that if you organize it well, smart working is more productive – Zangrillo replies – because it creates the conditions for a person to find himself in a context that is familiar to him and therefore has the possibility of being more serene “.

Are there more ‘slackers’ in the PA or in private companies? “The slackers are everywhere, in public and private companies as well as in the family, where we find children who work harder and children who do less. I have learned one thing: to combat ‘idleness’ the important thing is to create the conditions so that people at work are motivated, develop pride in belonging ”. For some, the image of the PA is instead that of those who are not passionate about work. “I don’t think it’s the employees’ fault – concludes the minister on One Day as a Sheep – but probably of those who managed them“.