Cassio tells the story of Marti, a fragile girl: the video

“Marti” is the title of my new single: a delicate and intense story, the raw and direct story of a happy memory linked to a very complex moment, such as that of the end of drug addiction, which for some people is the end of a nightmare , for others it is just the beginning. The song talks about a fragile girl who, in a difficult moment in her life, believes she sees the most beautiful version of herself, the most confident and solid version of herself, in drugs; a girl who sees in her withered body that character that she so longed to have, a girl who just needs a reason to feel good. A hug is not enough: I dream and pray that life shows this same girl that she is beautiful precisely because of her fragility. I hope that life shows all of us that there is no perfection to aspire to and that making mistakes is the right thing that a person in the balance can do, even if only to understand who we are and who we really want to become tomorrow.

The video clip for “Marti”, directed by Dario Brandini, is a hymn to the fragility that human beings can harbor, to the point of exalting error. I wanted the shots to be able to express in the clearest and truest way possible that lack of stability that we often feel to the point of feeling terribly vulnerable. I chose to tell it through a dance that exudes humanity within a video with a childish narrative, which distances itself from any utopian ideal of perfection, returning to the previous discussion, and embracing all the insecurities inherent in human beings.

I wanted the dancer to be as human as possible, for the video to have almost childish features full of insecurity. We therefore tried to express as much insecurity as possible through dance and images, and it wasn’t easy at all, because the world of dance asks dancers to be perfect, in some way it educates them to perfection. Unfortunately for the world of dance perfection does not exist and as far as I’m concerned I’m happy.

The setting of the video is a putrid and abandoned room, like many of us.
Sometimes you can’t find words to describe what you see,

sometimes there are no words to describe what you have experienced or are experiencing,

sometimes no explanations are needed.

It would be enough to listen,


Marti is a story of skeletons.

Marti is a love story.

It’s a night story.

It’s a story of home.

It’s a story of years that rock

the punchy smile.