Cassioli: “International Day of Disability, an opportunity to focus on the theme”

“I believe that the international day for people with disabilities is first and foremost a great opportunity to highlight a theme that is certainly more popular than in the past, but still very little known and often not very close to people. We admire the great stories of disabled people in the newspapers and then find it hard to relate to a person in a wheelchair or a child on the autism spectrum if we meet them at the bar. What do I feel like saying to someone with a disability? I would start with an invitation to celebrate this day, it may seem crazy but if it is true that disabilities often don’t heal, it can heal the anger that they sometimes generate in those who experience them firsthand”. These are the words of Daniele Cassioli, considered the greatest Paralympic water skier of all time with 25 world titles, 27 European titles and 41 Italian titles and also honorary president of Piramis onlus at Adnkronos, on the occasion of the International Day of People’s Rights with disabilities.

At just 10 years old Cassioli, blind from birth, joined the Italian national water ski team. Today he is an instructor and also teaches disabled children. “More than teaching, I propose a path full of joy. When a disabled child arrives in a family, you forget to smile and lose touch with happiness. Thanks to the daily work we do with Piramis Onlus and Real Eyes Sport, sport becomes closer to those who find themselves growing up with a disability, and it gives the opportunity to understand that if it is true that there is something missing, it is equally true that it is useful to make the most of what one has”.

“How does a blind person teach those who see how to look within? I tried to explain it in “teach the heart to see”, my latest book -explains the Paralympic champion-. Looking within is an art that requires discipline. Often we are more attracted by what is outside while it is increasingly important to learn about what we are beyond appearances.My next goals?Surely from a sporting point of view, the goal is to feel physically well which, given your age, is not it is at all obvious! In this phase of my life my profession as a trainer takes on a central role, so I am meeting many companies made by extraordinary people. Another important part of my life today is the television part: I am lucky enough to have one fixed space, “seeing beyond” within the program “Or even not”, in which we talk about disability. This December 3rd we will be on Rai 1 starting at 11.10 pm, to claim the right to beauty of those who experience a disability” Cassioli concludes.