Cat Movies to Watch This Summer

What is your take on keeping pets? Furry companions have often provided people with love and silent understanding during times of loneliness and solitude. Time and again, these animals have found their way into our hearts, whether through their loyal and undivided attention or sudden bursts of affection. No one doubts how lovable cats and dogs are to their respective owners, despite the ongoing debate between cat lovers and dog lovers. The family considers them a member.

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Nine Lives

Nine Lives trailer

Nine Lives is a modern, star-studded film starring Christopher Walken and Kevin Spacey. Laugh out loud at this hilarious comedy from 2016. Grumpy cat moments and rude humor abound.

There’s nothing better than an excellent laugh-out-loud comedy for kids and adults alike in Nine Lives. A minor appearance in the movie is made by Lil’ Bub, the celebrity cat. The cast member who is allergic to cats, Mark Consuelo, still managed to film scenes with cats despite being allergic to them.

The AristoCats

The Aristocats trailer

After a wealthy older woman writes her will, leaving all her possessions to the cats, Edgar, an evil butler, wants to deprive them of their rightful property. However, O’Malley, a stray cat that becomes fond of the Duchess’s three kittens, will not let her go. The retired army dogs and the greedy butler team up to ruin his schemes.

Regardless of its audience’s age, the Disney animated classic is a Disney classic. There is a particular place in the hearts of cat lovers for “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat,” one of the main songs.

Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots trailer

Puss, an outlaw cat, is immensely popular due to his quirks. Although he is considered by many in his town as a criminal, audiences cannot resist falling in love with him because of his charisma. The wit in his dialogue, the innate curiosity in his character, and his thirst for adventure make him an intriguing figure.

Puss’ portrayal of the story from a marginal character’s perspective emphasizes the spirit of heroism in the original Shrek franchise. In this film, the outlook is switched from that of a typical protagonist to that of an outcast, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns trailer

Studios Ghibli brings cats to life with their imaginations. As the story begins, a young girl named Haru rescues a cat from a car. The Cat Kingdom invites her to become the prince’s bride later on when she discovers that the cat is a prince. In addition to not saying yes, she also does not say no, so the cats interpret her actions as a yes.

To avoid this marriage, Haru hires a cat figurine, Baron, that has been given life. Few movies contain as much cat content as this one. Almost every character is a cat in this game, which takes you to the entire Cat Kingdom. Cat King is even the main villain.


Kedi trailer

In this sublimely shot documentary, Turkish director Ceyda Torun explores Istanbul’s great street cats and the people who care for them and enjoy their company without constraining them.

Torun introduces several cats, and their stories are integrated into the fabric of the places where they survive (and, occasionally, their young ones).

She captures them on film as they wander through street markets, cafes, artists’ studios, workshops, and patches of wasteland. Fishing boats, riverbanks, tips, kitchens, jetties, and riverbanks are where we can watch them hunt, scavenge, and charm their way around. Through backyards, shops, crowded alleyways, and cramped, aging flats, they peek through windows.

The central message of Kedi’s book is that Istanbul’s centuries-long interdependence between humans and felines is at risk of being lost to high rise, urban redevelopment due to easy tolerance, respect, folklore, and superstition.

A Cat in Paris

A Cat In Paris trailer

An animation centered on a cat that has been nominated for Academy Awards and is often screened at film festivals. Dino is the name given to the feline by Zoé, a Parisian girl, and Mr. Cat by Nico, the burglar. Zoé and Nico live a dual life together, with the cat bringing them together and helping them solve crimes. A feast of visual and auditory delights, this film is stylishly drawn with beautiful soundtracks.

While capturing the dark side of city life, it is geared toward younger audiences due to its toned-down violence and gore. What better way to end a cat lover’s day than with this heartwarming story about a cat saving a lady in despair?

Wrapping Up

Choosing a good cat movie can be challenging, especially when we have so many options available. Hopefully, this article will give you an idea about what to watch.