Catania: elections, no step back from Fdi on mayoral candidate

Just over two months to go. About seventy days divide the Etna capital from having a mayor and a municipal council again. The incoming one, despite the many candidates more or less presumably already in the field, between wait-and-see attitudes, strategies and very little digesting ‘leaks forward’, could be the crucial week for the center-right of Etna. In the aftermath of the MPA demonstration, with the return of the leader Raffaele Lombardo, acclaimed by the crowded event in a well-known hotel on the Plaia coast, during which the former Governor did not spare any barbs at the Northern League candidate Valeria Sudano, already out ‘ complete with billboards around the city, albeit without the party logo but also ‘blessed’ by Matteo Salvini, the picture of the coalition would seem to be able to emerge.

In fact, according to several ‘well-informed’ circles of the Brothers of Italy, next week the leaders of the first Italian party should decide the name to propose to the coalition among the range of ‘pretenders’. The latter, all with very different histories and ‘political characteristics’, would be in particular the former regional councilor for health, Ruggero Razza, seems very ‘welcome’ to the autonomist Lombardo, the MEP and former mayor of Catania Raffaele Stancanelli, highly esteemed among others also by the parliamentarian Manlio Messina, the former city councilor for sport Sergio Parisi, very close to the former mayor and current senator Salvo Pogliese.

After that, as Adnkronos learns from several qualified sources within Giorgia Meloni’s party, once the chosen name has been indicated, FdI would not have “the intention, this time, to give up one of its own men” as a potential tenant of the chair more coveted than Palazzo degli Elefanti, “even at the cost – it is hinted by many circles of the Brothers of Italy – of putting the Schifani regional government in crisis”.

All this would be explained in particular after the recent “heavy renunciations” and consequent steps backwards by FdI both in Palermo for the municipal authorities and above all in the Region with the lack of ‘Musumeci bis’ with the consequential lack of ‘positive’ repercussions in terms of further elected officials and acclaim “for pure spirit of service, loyalty and stability of the coalition despite being the first party and moreover with the wind in its sails thanks to the charismatic leadership of Giorgia Meloni”.

All that remains is to wait for the indication and formalization of the candidate for mayor by Fdi to be submitted to a coalition which, inevitably, will not be able to underestimate the reasons for the first Italian party even on the slopes of Etna. Finally, if hypothetically the name chosen should be that of Ruggero Razza, it will not be ‘very simple’ for the other coalition parties to get in the way. What is certain is, in fact, that a centre-right split over Catania, the largest city called to vote on the administrative elections on 28 and 29 May next, would by no means be a panacea for the coalition.

(by Francesco Bianco)