Catania, ‘Tour Rosso 2022’ stage on respect for spaces for motorists with disabilities

Motors and correct lifestyles at the Sicily Center of Misterbianco, in the province of Catania, for the Sicilian stage of the ‘Red Tour 2022’, the meeting of the Ferrari ‘Passione Rossa’ Club that closes the campaign to remind everyone to respect the spaces reserved for motorists with disabilities or their caregivers. The initiative, launched on 1 September last, was characterized by a flash-mob that saw wheelchairs for the disabled with exposed signs recalling those excuses often used by those who ‘illegally’ use the parking lots for the disabled, provocatively occupy the stalls reserved for disabled people. able-bodied.

Thirty racing cars from the Maranello company became the protagonists of the campaign to support responsible parking. After being reviewed, drivers from all over Italy gave the opportunity to dozens of young people (and not only) to get on board their cars, thus making them live a unique experience. The first co-pilots to carry out the tests were the special boys of the APS associations LE ALI DI ELE, UNITALSI, AUSPICA and Come Ginestre who, like the ‘Passione Rossa’ Club, joined and supported the campaign.

On the ledwall set up inside the events area of ​​Centro Sicilia, the candid cameras created – in recent days – in the parking area of ​​the commercial park were projected: motorists looking for a parking space found the space occupied by wheelchairs and a sign that reminds everyone of the regular use of parking areas: ‘Now you take my place!’ “It is a message of social inclusion and an explicit invitation to respect the rules by everyone and I must admit that, throughout the campaign, we have felt great sensitivity from our customers”, said the director of Centro Sicilia. , Giuseppe Bella who also expressed appreciation for the great work done by the Sicilian associations that have joined the initiative.