Cateno De Luca: “I’m running for mayor of Taormina”

“With me the city will have an edge”

“I accept the challenge. With me Taormina will have something extra”. Thus the leader of Sicily Vera-South calls North Cateno De Luca has dissolved the reservations with respect to the choice to run for mayor of the Pearl of the Ionian. In recent months Cateno De Luca had launched the project I taorminesi for De Luca saying he was ready to administer the city “if the right conditions were created”. Due to his health problems De Luca then had to stop for a period of rest. Yesterday he returned to the streets to announce his decision.

“Since I launched the challenge – says De Luca – I have received various solicitations. From many quarters I have understood the desire for change. The people of Taormina know that for De Luca the facts speak for themselves. What we managed to do in Fiumedinisi, Santa Teresa di Riva and Messina, with the extraordinary result of the last elections which gave us 8 deputies to the Ars, and two to the National Parliament, chamber and senate, is the fruit of our administrative action.To me Taormina is not a political operation, but a choice that involves the whole city. I am open to discussions, whoever wants to discuss with me should do so but know that my name is Cateno De Luca. I have never let anyone pull my jacket and the only compromises I make are those we can discuss in the light of day”.

“I’m making a love choice for Taormina and the people of Taormina and for Sicily. It’s not a local question, TAORMINA in fact also becomes fundamental in the relaunch strategies that we have in mind for the whole of Sicily and the south. Who wants to put part himself and put Taormina and the people of Taormina at the center of the discussion will find me ready for dialogue. We will soon define the programmatic path. Anyone who wants to stand alongside the people of Taormina and wants to have the honor and the burden of giving me an extra gear is welcome – he says – I will give no one the alibi of being able to organize themselves as a reaction to my position. I am one of you. I am a Taormina native who, like all Taormina natives, deserves a city that can shine on the world scene”.