Caterina Caselli, terrible mourning: a loss that leaves an unbridgeable void

Caterina Caselli, the terrible mourning upsets the artist’s life: the sad and painful loss leaves an unbridgeable void

Caterina Caselli, the beloved artist caught by a serious and painful loss. It happened a few weeks ago. The terrible mourning leaves an unbridgeable void.

Caterina Caselli, painful loss: terrible mourning leaves an unbridgeable void (Credits: Youtube)

Caterina Caselli is a beloved and well-known face in the entertainment world and in particular in the music scene. A voice that made the history of Italian music. The incredible success of ‘No one can judge me’ is centuries old and timeless, Caterina Caselli literally conquered everyone. A heartbreaking mourning upset the life of the singer and record producer.

Caterina Caselli, the terrible mourning leaves a great pain

Hours and days devastated by grief for the loss of his beloved life partner. Caterina Caselli mourns the disappearance of Piero Sugar, her husband. The painful mourning he left an unbridgeable void in his life. Together for more than 50 years, the two had lived half a century of life together. Piero Sugar left his family at the age of 85. A life, the one lived together, made up of successes, joys and even pains. A life where mutual love has never failed. They were married in the 70s, and have remained together ever since: “The love that bound us has remained unchanged, day after day“Said the beloved singer a DiPiùTv.

Knowing Piero was a more important thing in my life, thanks to him I found a smile again“, Said Caterina expressing her love for her immense life partner. A love cultivated, day after day. After their marriage, Filippo then arrived who in adulthood followed in the footsteps of mom and dad and inherited the family business.

caterina caselli mourning
(Credits: Youtube)

Few perhaps know this background, but Caterina Caselli was initially reluctant to get married. A bit as if marriage was considered by the singer as the ‘tomb of love’: “Piero insisted that we get married but I didn’t want to because I saw too many unhappy marriages around me. In the end, I capitulated ”, well shortly after, love triumphed and the two got married. Today, the painful loss has left a great void around Catherine, a pain that will remain unbridgeable.