Cccp, double date in Berlin: pre-sales underway

After the first date was sold out, the show doubles. There will be two concerts scheduled at the Astra Kulturhaus: 25 and 26 February 2024

After the date of 25 February 2024 sold out in a few minutes, by popular demand Cccp in Dddr doubles, the concert by Cccp-Fedeli alla linea that unites pro-Soviet punk and Emilian melodic music in the beating heart of the dismantled Republic of East Germany. A new date is added on Monday 26 February at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin. Pre-sales are open from 10am today on Dice: and Eventim:

“Astra Kulturhaus in Raw Gelände in Friedrichshain, an outpost of a railway and imperial Berlin, the last remaining rudimentary and living edge before the definitive assault of the cranes and glassed skyscrapers. Venues, art exhibitions, occupations, the sense of a siege – explain the Cccp -. It is there that we will bring our pro-Soviet punk and Emilian melodic music, in the heart of the Deutsche Demokratische Dismantled Republik, the dismantled Republic of East Germany: Cccp in Dddr, precisely. No better place than that capital of collapses and resurrections to give back what was given to us: a handful of songs that change lives. Born in the basements of occupied houses, in the darkness of the cobbled streets, in the writings on the walls, on the folds of faces: Live in Pankow; Punk Islam; Spara Jurij ; Take care of me. In the good company of as many equals.”

The show is conceived and produced in collaboration with Musiche Metropolitane di Luca Zannotti and with Bis (Berlin Italian Shows).