Cdp, 5 billion in favor of businesses and public bodies in Piedmont in three years

These are some of the numbers of the impact generated by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Cdp) in the Piedmont Region in the last three years illustrated in Turin on the occasion of the sixth stage of the Cdp roadshow

Five billion in favor of 9,300 companies and 330 public bodies in Piedmont, of which 1.3 billion for strategically important infrastructure projects, mortgage renegotiation operations for over 1.3 billion in favor of 366 local authorities and advisory activities on Pnrr funds for projects dedicated to the development of the territory. These are some of the numbers of the impact generated by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Cdp) in the Piedmont Region in the last three years illustrated in Turin on the occasion of the sixth stage of the Cdp roadshow which after Naples, Brescia, Venice, Florence and Palermo stopped today in the Piedmontese capital.

“Cdp’s commitment to the Piedmontese territory – explained CEO Dario Scannapieco – goes from research, for example having accelerators and business incubators through the venture capital system, therefore from start-ups to large companies and medium, and then urban regeneration, social housing, plus we assist the Region and the City of Turin through consultancy relationships for the Pnrr measures”.

In detail, Cdp in Piedmont has directly financed 150 companies in the region for around 1.4 billion, including Gualapack with two loans for a total of 20 million dedicated to supporting investments in research and development, energy efficiency and sustainable growth in Italy and abroad of the company operating in the packaging sector and Prima Industrie with 12.5 million for projects aimed at innovation and environmental sustainability of the company active in the industrial electronics sector. To further encourage the country’s entrepreneurial fabric, CDP has made approximately 1.4 billion available to financial institutions and intermediaries (thus reaching a total of 2.8 billion overall) in resources, products and solutions to indirectly support the access to credit for all those companies, in particular SMEs, who would not otherwise have been able to access the Cassa’s operations.

On the infrastructure front, Cdp, in synergy with other investors, with the aim of supporting the development of important infrastructure works for the Piedmontese territory in the mobility, local public transport and energy sectors, has committed over 1.3 billion. Among the beneficiaries is the multi-utility Iren with a 100 million loan for the redevelopment and energy efficiency of 800 public buildings in Turin. Torinese Trasporti Group with 10 million allocated to new investments aimed at the ecological transition and the elimination of emissions, including the renewal of the bus fleet of the company active in the mobility sector.

In favor of the public administration, over the last three years CDP has mobilized resources of around 800 million to support over 330 Piedmontese public bodies, generating a positive impact both in terms of sustainability and inclusiveness, and on the environmental one. Among others, in favor of the Province of Cuneo with five million for the construction of a new professional technical institute and the Municipality of Venaria Reale with 2.5 million for the redevelopment of the former Beleno Barracks through the creation of a cultural hub. Added to these is the 63 million loan in favor of the University of Turin, intended for the redevelopment of the structure and the creation of new classrooms, libraries and laboratories.

Regarding investments within the Pnrr, with the call for the Attractiveness of Villages, 249 applications were presented by small Piedmontese municipalities (bodies with less than 5,000 inhabitants) for a total financing amount of approximately 430 million. Furthermore, in 2020, approximately 366 local authorities joined the renegotiation operation of existing mortgages for a total of approximately 1.3 billion in residual debt, freeing up resources to be allocated to the local economy for a total of approximately 54 million, thanks to savings obtained on the interest due.

The Group’s activity for the territory has also extended to Venture Capital. In particular, through its investment activity, Cdp Vc has already directly supported 12 innovative startups and SMEs in the region with a total commitment of around 25 million and established Piemonte Next, the first regional fund dedicated to maximizing interventions on startups and SMEs of the territory, financed for 10 million by FinPiemonte and for the same amount of 10 million by Fondazione CRT and UniCredit with the aim of strengthening the Takeoff Accelerator. And again, as regards social housing, the CDP Group is currently involved in 25 interventions which involve the construction of 1,440 social housing units and over 1,800 beds in university and temporary residences. The overall investment amounts to approximately 270 million with a positive impact already largely realized for the territory while in terms of urban regeneration, Cdp is engaged in interventions regarding the redevelopment of real estate complexes. Among these, the Cavallerizza Reale di Torino, which will become a cultural, training and service district, helping to enhance an area of ​​the historic center of the city. Finally, the activity in support of the Piedmontese production system also includes the operations of Simest, the company for the internationalization of Cdp Group companies.

In the last two years, through the resources of the 394 Fund and those allocated by the Pnrr, Simest has granted subsidized loans for more than 110 million in favor of over 300 Piedmontese companies. The funds were allocated to the implementation of growth projects abroad. In addition to financing, the activity also included 20 direct entry operations into the capital of companies for a total value of 50 million.