Cdp expands the pool of Municipalities and Provinces for treasury advance service

Over 7,900 local authorities will be able to access the service hitherto reserved only for small municipalities, we read in a note

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti launches support operations for businesses and infrastructures and international cooperation initiatives for 675 million euros and expands the cash advance service – so far limited to municipalities with up to 15 thousand inhabitants – also to municipalities with up to 100 thousand residents and to Provinces and Metropolitan Cities up to one million. This is what we read in a note according to which “over 7,900 municipalities and provinces, equal to almost all local authorities, will thus be able to access the service”.


However, the financing, also in pools with other financial institutions, aims to support investments in infrastructure, access to credit and the export of companies active in strategic sectors of the Italian economy. The board of directors, we read in a note, also approved new initiatives for sustainable growth in Africa for the development of projects dedicated to renewable energy, energy efficiency, infrastructure and food security, with particular regard to the agricultural supply chain and local productions. Added to these is also an operation aimed at accelerating the energy transition in the Balkans.