Cdp, green light for new operations for 2.3 billion. Barchiesi on the Aspi board of directors

700 million ceiling also approved for reconstruction of E-Romagna, Marche and Tuscany territories

The board of directors of Cassa Depositi e Prestitichaired by Giovanni Gorno Tempini, on the proposal of the CEO and general manager, Dario Scannapieco, approved new operations for a total value of 2.3 billion euros for businesses and infrastructure with particular attention to sustainable mobility and reducing environmental impact. A note communicates this.

The board of directors also approved the creation of a 700 million ceiling for the reconstruction of the territories of Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Tuscany affected by the flood of May last year, a measure provided for by Budget Law 20241. This resolution falls within the scope of the process launched for the activation of financing for families and businesses in the damaged areas.

Furthermore, interventions with a high socio-economic impact were approved for the construction of works aimed at improving and modernizing transport and roads. Finally, interventions dedicated to energy efficiency, the digitalisation of the country’s infrastructure system and in favor of large, medium and small businesses were approved.

As regards the galaxy of companies controlled or participated by Cdp, Aspi (Autostrade per l’Italia), announced in the morning that Roberta Battaglia has resigned from the position of councilor and member of the major works committee, roles she held in representation of Cassa as manager of via Goito. Resignation submitted due to new professional commitments (she leaves the group) and which will take effect starting tomorrow. He will take his place in Aspi and in the parent company HRA (Holding of motorway networks). Fabio Barchiesi, 41 years old, Director of Development and Governance of Cdp equity and Head of Monitoring and implementation of Cdp’s strategic plan. In Open Fiber, Battaglia will be replaced by Manuela Carra, Head of Finance at CDP.

In recent years, Barchiesi has been involved in operational methods on the most demanding industrial issues of the Cdp Group and is managing numerous strategic initiatives and the development of new tools and activities. A particular commitment concerns the development of the country’s large infrastructures, as part of the group’s commitment to the green transition and also with regard to possible future extraordinary operations or possible strategic aggregations.