Cdr Tg1 against Fiorello in the morning: “I’m scared to subtract an hour from Tg1”

In a press release, the trade union body asks the company for clarification and threatens protests

“The editorial committee of Tg1 expresses all its bewilderment and its total opposition in learning of the possible arrival of a satirical entertainment program, led by Fiorello, instead of almost an hour of programming managed by Tg1, specifically Tg1 Morning”. Thus begins the press release with which the union representation of the flagship newspaper asks the company for clarification and threatens protests in the face of rumors of a landing of a strip of Rosario Fiorello on the model of ‘Viva Via Asiago’ in mulcasting both on Radio2 and RaiPlay and Rai1.

“We know that Usigrai has not been consulted in advance, as it must happen in the event of a change of schedule. And for this reason it has already notified the company of the lack of information. To the company as Cdr of Tg1 we ask: the Board of Directors of Rai Was informed of this change? Did its members all share this choice? We as Cdr of the TG1 editorial staff underline the battle made to obtain those spaces and the enormous effort made by all of us in the morning, committing ourselves to a work of rethinking and enhancement We have now learned that the company is thinking of reducing the information space of Tg1. We also ask another question: what are the editorial reasons for this choice? How can you think of interrupting the flow of information with a satirical program , creating confusion among the public at home? This new program cannot be hosted in the time slot following Tg1 and Tg1 in the morning after 9.00 ? A satirical program with guests such as the one we can guess from the news circulated will also have a higher cost for the company than the production of the news and Tg1 morning “, the Cdr press release continues.

“We therefore ask the company to respond instead to our constant complaints and complaints regarding the shortages of crews and backpacks that are increasingly difficult to find. We ask to know the rationale for this decision, without providing for compensation for Tg1. The Management, which we have met today on this and other issues, he shared our concern about the reduction of editorial spaces for Tg1. As Cdr we are aware that this decision simply cannot be accepted, nor imposed, and represents a disgrace to our daily commitment. put in place all the appropriate forms of protest. This theme will be at the first point of the next editorial assembly, which we will convene next Thursday 20 October and which will be attended by the Secretary of Usigrai Daniele Macheda “, concludes the Cdr of Tg1.