Cecilia Bolocco broke the silence after the memes about her controversial wedding dress

The driver Cecilia Boloco 57 years old married in the most intimate privacy with his partner Pepo Daire. They were engaged a few years ago, but the wedding was postponed due to health problems that Máximo, the son of the former Miss Universe, had to face.

The truth is Cecilia Boloco He enjoyed a ceremony that had only 90 guests and days after the event he contacted his fans through social networks where he accumulates more than a million followers who are aware of his movements, to provide some details.

Cecilia Boloco He revealed that he suffered a strong fall prior to his wedding and that he ended up hospitalized, but luckily the matter did not escalate and he was able to reach the altar on the arm of his son Máximo. The truth is that as soon as her wedding photos were leaked, the driver was teased for the wedding dress she chose.

Cecilia Boloco She wore a design specially designed for her that combined white with a blue flower pattern. She accompanied him with a delicate choker and matching sandals, but in the birdie’s social network they compared it to a set of porcelain cups that one of the showcases in her living room has.

Now Cecilia Boloco She broke the silence and through one of her traditional instagram live shows her wedding dress with great pride. “My friend Silvia Tcherassi did it for me, which is wonderful,” commented the driver and added in a relaxed tone, “she is like one of those vases that I love, white with blue.”

Cecilia Boloco. Source: instagram @ceciliabolocco

Finally, Cecilia Boloco He pointed out: “Look what a beautiful thing, so spring, so fresh, so comfortable, with a great neckline. This dress has a bow, it’s like a ‘wrap around’. Very easy to put on, it has a clasp and then you fasten this here and I left this ribbon here”.