Cecilia Bolocco: for this reason she separated from her first husband, the former Miss Universe

The Chilean model Cecilia Boloco married American television producer Michael Young in the year 1990. It was a rather complex marriage because they were 13 years old and all the fans of the former Miss Universe believed that it was the great reason why they were only 5 years together.

Cecilia Boloco. Source: Terra archive

Young after her relationship with Bolocco, never gave statements to the Chilean press and has not had any rapprochement with the model since then. The 69-year-old actor in 2001 created the “Michael Young Media”, a leading multiplatform for television, Internet, social networks, corporate videos and live events, which it maintains to this day.

Cecilia Bolocco and her first husband. Source: Archive channel 13

In a television program Cecilia Boloco explained how the breakup really started. It all happened in 1993 when the couple was invited to Los Angeles to attend the Emmy Awards ceremony, where the animator was nominated in three categories: Best Animator, Best Program and Best Screenplay.

Undoubtedly, this was a great achievement for Cecilia since she was experiencing one of the most important moments of her career. While I was at the award ceremony, it was time to award the Best Entertainer and as a result Bolocco he won the award, therefore, he had to go on stage to receive it.

Source: Archive

Once he returned to his seat, the former Miss Universe She looked at her ex-husband and he tells her “alright, let’s go”, and she is shocked and disappointed because the result of two categories still remained to be known. “That was the year ’93 and I separated in ’95. I remember this because for me it was a very important moment (…) Without a doubt, that was a lack of love, “he revealed.

This was definitely the big break in the couple where Michael Young was very jealous of the success that his now ex-wife Bolocc0 was having.