Cecilia Bolocco reveals her mother’s delicate state of health

Cecilia Bolocco is one of the most important personalities in our country who became known worldwide thanks to her beauty and her talent on the catwalks. The host and actress became known for having been Miss World in the late 1980s and later became one of the figures on television. In recent days, the fashion designer also revealed details of the health status of her mother, Rose Marie Fonck, who was diagnosed with cancer.

At 57 years old, Cecilia Boloco She continues to be one of the most beautiful women in our country and in Latin America and one of the most desired. In recent days, the actress married for the third time with the millionaire businessman José Patricio ‘Pepo’ Daire. Although she had been in a dating relationship for seven years, it was only this year that the couple decided to join in marriage. Previously, the driver was married to Michael Young and former Argentine President Carlos Saúl Menem, with whom she had Máximo Bolocco, her only son.

Cecilia Bolocco was a former Miss World. Source Instagram @ceciliabolocco

In the last days, Cecilia Boloco He has been happy for the beginning of his new program that will be broadcast on Channel 13 called ‘Todo de ti’ and which will have a special schedule. Her last appearance on television had been in the dance contest ‘Bailando’ and she was happy to return to the small screen as a cheerleader.

Cecilia Bolocco returns to television. Source Instagram @ceciliabolocco

On the other hand, the personal moment you are experiencing Cecilia Boloco It is not entirely good, considering that his mother is in a delicate health problem. Rose Marie Fonck, 86, was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time, this time in the left breast. In relation to this, the irradiation treatment to remove the tumor is quite complicated.

Diana Bolocco’s mom was diagnosed with cancer for the third time. Source Instagram @dianaboloccof

About the state of your mother’s health, Cecilia Boloco She said, “She’s fine, but tired. I wish that at the time she had dealt with the technology that I want to bring to Chile”. This is not the only thing that the former Miss World has had to go through and that is that her son also had cancer, but the tumor that had the brain was removed.