Cecilia Bolocco will be the first guest of Pancho Saavedra, Jorge Zabaleta and Pedro Ruminot

This Sunday, January 9, after “Tele13 central”, Channel 13 will put on its screens a new version of the program that took over social networks in a pandemic. Is that Pancho Saavedra, Jorge Zabaleta and Pedro Ruminot will jump to the open screen and premiere “Grill partners”.

It will be an entertaining meeting between friends, under the chef’s kitchen Rodrigo Barañao, where there will be a pleasant conversation that will take the guests to exciting moments and also to great laughter. All this together with new confessions, games and many more surprises.

For the debut chapter, the great guest will be Cecilia Bolocco, who will reveal unknown aspects of his life and career, in addition to entering the different dynamics of the trio of entertainers that will make summer nights something different, sparkling and refreshing.

“I had an amazing time on the program, they are such a warm and loving group that it is the same as being in a barbecue with friends, and that is the grace of the program, sharing with them from the emotions, the naturalness and the desire to have a good time with friends, “says the former Miss Universe.

To the above, the former host of spaces such as “Long live Monday”, “Cecilia’s night” and “Fama” adds that being part of “Socios de la Parrilla”, “It was a beautiful experience, I laughed a lot and from now on I wish the program a lot of success ”.