Cecilia Bolocco’s emotional reflection on her son Máximo

Cecilia Boloco He is a multifaceted personality, whether on television or on social networks where he connects more with his audience lately. She will soon return to the small screen in her own program, hosted by herself, called “Todo por ti”. It will be broadcast on Canal 13 in prime time, after “Tele13 Central”. The program will deal with motherhood and will be in charge of the producers of the Martín Cárcamo space, “De tú a tú”.

“This reunion with television is going to be very nice,” he said. Cecilia in one of his broadcasts on his official Instagram account. The program will have guests who will be able to commemorate their mothers or some figure that represents a primordial role in their lives. The first guest of this new space is the animator José Miguel Viñuela, who is also away from the screens and dedicated to his program on social networks.

Some days ago, Cecilia She was talking with Don Francisco for CNN en Español, where she talked about the program and also about her own role as a mother with her son Maximum. “Being a mother is complex because there is an umbilical cord that is not cut when it is born, and then one has a connection with the child and suffers a lot from what may happen to him,” the former beauty queen began. Let us remember that the young model had to overcome a brain tumor during the year 2018.

Cecilia and Maximo. Source: Archive

Regarding the change of surname Maximum Bolocco To remove the “Menem” one, her father, she clarified: “Actually, she doesn’t want to change it, but she does use Bolocco a lot first, a very loving thing.” The presenter also talked about how her son behaved for Father’s Day, on June 18.

Cecilia Bolocco and Pepo Daire. Source: Archive

“We, recently, celebrated the day. He arrived in the morning with a breakfast tray in my room and told me ‘happy day mom, because you are my dad too,'” he said. Cecilia proud. Finally, he also left an emotional reflection on his failed relationship with the late former president of Argentina: “It is a blessing, and although it was difficult and continues to be from the sorrow of regretting not having been able to give him a father, but today he has a beautiful relationship with Pepo, my partner”.