Cecilia Rodriguez, ‘unexpected’ gesture: Belen’s sister writes to her ex-brother-in-law, what she told him

‘Unexpected’ gesture by Cecilia Rodriguez, Belen’s sister writes to her ex-brother-in-law: here’s what she told him

No one would have expected this move from Cecilia, yet she did. Belen Rodriguez’s sister has decided to write to what now appears to be her ex-brother-in-law. Do you want to know what she told him? If so, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Cecilia Rodriguez writes to her ex-brother-in-law: her words (Source: Instagram)

Cecilia Rodriguez writes to her former brother-in-law: what she told him

Cecilia is the sister of Belen Rodriguez, well-known Argentine showgirl. The model and TV presenter made many men’s hearts beat faster. At the beginning of his career she was engaged to Marco Borriello, then she passed to Fabrizio Corona and then she got married to Stefano De Martino.

The affair with the professional dancer lasted a few years. The two, having had a son, they decided to break up. Belen has thus turned the page first next to Andrea Iannone, then to Antonino Spinalbese. With the latter he had the second daughter, Luna Marie. After the birth of the second child, however, the two decided to separate permanently.

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Belen’s love life was very eventful and so her brothers, Jeremias and – in fact – Cecilia, have many brothers-in-law. Rodriguez’s sister has decided in the last few hours to write to one of these. Do you want to know who it is? So keep reading the article and you will find out.

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After the separation in the past weeks, Antonino seems to have maintained a good relationship with the Rodriguez family. The testimony comes from social media, where Belen’s sister, Cecilia, wrote a message for him. The Milanese hairdresser posted a photo on the balcony and Cecilia, in addition to putting the like, commented: “I know this shirt“. Antonino replied with two ‘little hearts’, a sign that there is still a beautiful relationship between the two.