Ceferin: “Superlega no longer exists”. And he reappears for the UEFA presidency

“Perez relaunches the project? Doesn’t deserve comments”

“Did the president of Real Madrid say that the Super League will come back? I think we’ve talked about this for too long, for me it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist anymore.” Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA president, said this during the Aips and Ussi congress in Rome, returning to comment on the Super League after the words of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez who relaunched the project. “They told me what happened yesterday and his words: this shows once again that the idea is to close everything and make sure that we don’t play against the minor clubs. So the whole European model should change. This idea deserves nothing more. comment, there would be a big difference between poor and rich clubs, there would be no balance “.

“I will reapply for another term for the presidency of UEFA. I have already received 55 letters of support, it would be strange if I did not reapply. If I am the only candidate? It seems so,” he added. “They don’t want me to go …”, the Slovenian executive said with a smile, who explained in relation to the elections for the FIFA presidency: “I don’t think Europe will present a candidate”.