Celebration by the sea in Santo Domingo: the former gieffina gets married

Celebration by the sea in Santo Domingo for the former gieffina: she is getting married! But he got a surprise early.

Only a few months ago, the announcement on live television arrived, right in the reality show that saw her protagonist in the previous edition: the former contestant of Big Brother Vip will get married. The wedding is expected to take place in 2022.

The former gieffina gets married, but received a surprise in advance, on the beach of Santo Domingo (source instagram)

But the actress’s boyfriend arranged a surprise for her in advance. In Santo Domingo they celebrated her birthday and right on that beautiful beach, they exchanged eternal love, waiting to formalize the marriage in a year. The photos were published in the weekly ‘Chi’. The actress knew nothing about it and it was a real well-organized and super exciting surprise, complete with white dresses.

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Celebration by the sea in Santo Domingo: the former gieffina gets married

The former contestant of Big Brother Vip will get married in 2022. But while waiting to exchange official promises, she received a surprise organized by her boyfriend, Mirko Gancitano.

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Guenda Goria she announced her marriage to her fiancé on live television. The couple attended Gf Vip a few months ago, where his father Amedeo was a competitor, who later left shortly after. And here, they also communicated the wonderful news to the journalist. Mirko, however, gave her a completely unexpected surprise. On a beach in Santo Domingo, he made her find white dresses: “I didn’t know anything … while our song, Dal verde di Calcutta, was starting, he whispered to me ‘Trust me’ “Guenda told the weekly Chi who reported the photos of the celebration.

Guenda goria and mirko
instagram source

The actress talked about a first taste of the wedding. The ‘yes’ exchanged on the Santo Domingo beach will be made official in a year. The nuptials that have been celebrated have no official value in Italy, but the couple has been issued a “love certificate” which has an important symbolic value. What can I say, Guenda Goria and Mirko Gancitano are very much in love and radiate deep beauty.