Celebrity Menu on Sky Uno with Giorgio Mastrota and Marisa Passera. VIDEO

A splendid hut overlooking the mountains of the Dolomites, two celebrities engaged in a challenge based on the preparation of the main menus of the holidays, Christmas lunch and New Year’s Eve dinner, judged by two VIP guests and a chef. Comes on Sky and streaming on NOW Celebrity Menu, a new format in two episodes – in prime time on Wednesday 22 and 29 December – produced for Sky by Milano Produzioni. Apron and kitchen spoons will be in the hands of the two challengers Giorgio Mastrota and Marisa Passera, two well-known personalities with a long career on TV and radio but also great cooking enthusiasts, called to put all their culinary creativity in the preparation of the Christmas lunch menu and the New Year’s Eve dinner, each consisting of three courses: an appetizer, a first and second course, plus your own main course of your choice, the “wild card” of the challenge.

exceptional guests

For the Christmas episode – Wednesday 22 December at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW – the guests will be Cristina Chiabotto, Filippo Magnini and Chef Simone Finetti, one of the protagonists of the fourth edition of MasterChef Italia and finalist of MasterChef All Stars; for the episode dedicated to the last day of the year, arriving a week later, Wednesday 29 (again at 9.15 pm), Natasha Stefanenko, Antonio Capitani and Chef Francesco Aquila, winner of the latest edition of MasterChef Italia (HERE THE INTERVIEW) will sit at the table.

who will be able to surprise more?

In the two episodes, in a splendid kitchen of the house in the mountains, Giorgio and Marisa will begin with the preparations of their own menu during which the guest Chef of the episode will arrive who will try to collect information from the two expert chefs on their respective dishes without sparing himself in the comments, suggestions or warnings. Then, as soon as the other two guests have reached the hut, they will all sit at the table, as happens, at parties, with family or friends. The two “hosts” will serve their dishes to accompany an evening made up of personal and professional stories but also of funny and playful moments, as in the best tradition of festive tables with friends or relatives.

At the end of each course, guests will write their votes for dishes 1 to 10, votes that will be revealed immediately to kick off comments and reactions from all the diners. Course after course, the two cooks will accumulate a very precious loot that will make up a partial result. Two twists, however, could change everything: the votes for Giorgio and Marisa’s main dishes will be worth double, and in addition the Chef at the center of the episode will have 5 bonus points to be attributed to the chef who, according to him, will have created the most coherent menu. Because preparing an entire menu for holidays is not easy at all: who, between Giorgio Mastrota and Marisa Passera, will be able to surprise their guests and the Chefs the most?