Celeste Viel’s unexpected prediction at Miss Universe 2023

Celeste Viel is a young 24-year-old model who is known for being the daughter of Felipe Viel and for having participated in several beauty contests, representing our country in the latest edition of miss Universewhere she was in the top 20. On her social networks she usually shows off all her beauty and what caught the most attention was the prediction she had about the winner of the contest that left everyone stunned.

The beauty of Celeste Viel She inherited it from her mother, Paula Caballero, who was also a model and in 1992 she was crowned Miss World Chile, representing the country in Miss Hispanidad, a contest in which Cecilia Bolocco was one of the great hosts. For several years now, she has been living in Florida, Miami and there she is studying Public Relations at Florida International University. But, her passion for modeling began when she was 15 years old.

Celeste Viel represented Chile in Miss Universe. Instagram Source @celeviel

The last few weeks have been very exciting for Celeste Viel and she traveled to El Salvador to participate in the 72nd edition of Miss Universe and although she was not one of the candidates to win the crown, she was very happy to represent the country, to which she said: “This trip has exceeded my expectations. Walking the Miss Universe stage as Miss Chile is a magical moment. My heart is full.”

Celeste Viel finished in 20th place. Source Instagram @celeviel

But what caught our attention was the prediction that Celeste Viel about the Miss Universe final and precisely, about the winner of the night, Sheyniss Palacios, representative of Nicaragua and with whom she had an approach days before the ceremony. According to the 24-year-old, she shared a video on her Instagram account where she said: “I met that girl in Miami a long time ago and from day one I told her that she was going to win and with the crown on she told me: ‘ You are a witch, you knew.”

Celeste Viel’s prediction about the winner of Miss Universe, Sheynnis Palacios. Sources Instagram @sheynnispalacios_of

Finally, Celeste Viel She was very happy to have participated in Miss Universe representing her country and was grateful for all the support received. In addition, she showed all her excitement when she saw Sheyniss Palacios as the winner, who is only 23 years old and is studying a degree in Social Communication.