Center, Mastella: “We need alliance, let’s make Margherita 2.0”

At the Brancaccio Theater he launches his new political project ‘Noi di centro’. Then, on the Quirinale: “Berlusconi be careful, Meloni and the others want to fuck you”

We need to create a central area that allies. We need to recover a Margherita 2.0, I say this to Quagliariello and Rosato: let’s make an alliance at the center that is necessary for the country. “Thus the mayor of Benevento Clemente Mastella today at the Brancaccio Theater to launch his new political project ‘Noi di centro’.

In the Senate, in the upcoming elections, “neither the right nor the left will have an absolute majority. And we will really count if this area of ​​the center aggregates“says Mastella.

“I want to remind Pd and Letta that since 2006, when there was the Udeur, the Pd has no longer won a political election. Because the alliance between Margherita and DS has been missing. Today we need to recompose this. We are the center as such, we will choose when it will be. I give a piece of advice to Letta and the others: make the Olive tree“.

“The Quirinale? The only thing I can say is that Berlusconi must be careful. These Meloni-Letta talks say a lot, because they want to bring Draghi at all costs, after which they risk going to the vote. But I don’t know if they have. dealt with the Parliament “, says the mayor of Benevento. “Berlusconi be careful”, remarks the former minister, “Meloni and some others want to fuck you …“.