Center-right chaos, the audio that embarrasses Salvini: “Too many breaks from FdI …”

In an audio published on the Foglio website, the leader of the League can be heard complaining about the attacks suffered by Giorgia Meloni’s party during a summit with the parliamentarians, asking that they be directed to other government allies instead

The center-right, which has shown itself compact in the past few hours, is likely to find itself having to deal with new tensions. Yesterday Il Foglio published on its website an audio of the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, who, speaking to his parliamentarians gathered in Rome, makes very explicit references to relations with the Brothers of Italy, an ally of the center-right and the only force in the opposition. “It is obvious that we have a center-right in the government and one in the opposition. But there is a way and a way to stay in the opposition. We can agree on an understandable share of co-breaking with the opposition, which, however, undermines the Pd and 5-star field and is not done knowingly, as has happened in recent months, to put the League and the center-right in difficulty ”, is heard in the audio.

Salvini to Meloni: it will not be stolen audio to make us fight

In the evening Salvini toned down: “The stolen audio? They won’t make us fight. I can show Whatsapp messages in which Giorgia and I laugh and joke”, said the secretary of the League, during the recording of ‘Porta a Porta ‘As League sources add, the two leaders exchanged messages even shortly before the start of the recording.