Center-right, Meloni: “We stay there, I see no risk of isolation”

“In Italy, possible government by traction Brothers of Italy. Le Pen? It is not my ally, it is an ally of Salvini”

“I’m not interested in quarrels, but I no longer intend to make the best of a bad situation in the face of a coalition in which there are parties that in practice between the center-right alliance and the government alliance with the Democratic Party and the Movement Five Stars choose the second “. So Giorgia Meloni, president of Fratelli d’Italia, in an interview with the director of Rainews 24, Paolo Petrecca.

Fratelli d’Italia is there, he has always defended the values ​​of the center rightthe parties and the people will be our allies on the basis of what they demonstrate or make the commitment to choose to represent this half of the field rather than chasing the sirens of the left of taxes, immigration, bureaucracy that we should oppose “says Meloni .

The risk of isolation“for Brothers of Italy”I don’t see it much, because – explains the leader of Fdi – we are talking about the Le Pen model, but we are talking about systems that we do not know by pretending to know. The isolation of Marine Le Pen in France, which in any case is not my ally, is Salvini’s ally in Europecan be achieved with that system and that electoral law “.

“Here, even if the proportional is done, which I will fight, if the Italians give us the consent that I hope to deserve, anyway – adds Meloni – there will be the possibility of a Brothers of Italy traction government“.

As for the reforms“there is a proposal by the Brothers of Italy for the direct election of the Head of State with unchanged powers. After that we are also to relaunch the great presidential challenge, that is, a head of the government chosen directly by the citizens, who citizens replied that it has a certain majority, that it can govern for five years and that it has the powers to do so, with a direct bond. It is the mother of all reforms “.

Then, on the Quirinale: “I don’t know” if that of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, “will be a different seven years, that’s what I hope – says Meloni – I found in the words of President Mattarella an enormous discontinuity with the previous president, who was always Mattarella “.

“I shared several passages of his speech, in particular the blows to the government on the lack of respect for the rights of Parliament and especially of the opposition; the theme of the CSM, the currents of the judiciary; some events on the subject of inequalities. However, in the first seven years I have not seen a great attempt to curb these degenerations by President Mattarella. I hope that his speech means that he intends to change pace: if he does so – he concludes – he will obviously find us at his side “.