Center-right summit, Fdi: “Positive, but declaiming unity is not enough”

Salvini “satisfied”, Berlusconi: “Only a madman could think of destroying this coalition”

They had not seen each other since January, since the break on the election of the head of state, which led to the Mattarella bis. Silvio Berlusconi does the honors for the summit in Arcore, welcoming Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni who had not confronted each other in attendance for some time. An hour of conversation to try to undo the various knots on the table, after the latest misunderstandings, starting with the regional ones in Sicily. To break the ice, they say, Cav has thought of it and offered an aperitif to the allies in the garden of Villa San Martino.

The first to leave the center-right summit was Matteo Salvini, around 4 pm, accompanied by Roberto Calderoli. “I am very satisfied”, the words of the leader of the League. Almost an hour later, it was Giorgia Meloni’s turn to leave Villa San Martino together with the vice president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa.

BERLUSCONI – “The center-right is united” and if this were not the case “we would lose the elections”. “Only a madman could think of destroying this coalition,” said Silvio Berlusconi at the end of the summit. “You win if you are united,” added the leader of Fi.

“As for the national elections, we have all agreed that the first thing to do is to draw up a program to make known to the voters. I have distributed the program of 2018 and at the next meeting everyone will bring the proposals and additions,” he explained again. , adding as in the municipal elections in June, “on 21 cities we have found an agreement, on five cities we have not found it, but we are sure that we will find it in possible ballots. This is the commitment of everyone present at the table “.

SALVINI – Matteo Salvini left Arcore saying he was “very satisfied” for having personally confronted Berlusconi and Meloni. This is what he leaks from sources in the League. “It is an excellent day”, added Salvini, also referring to the League meeting with the unions which took place in Rome this morning.

BROTHERS OF ITALY – “It is certainly positive to have met, but the unity of the coalition is not enough to declare it. It must be built in deeds”, according to a note released by Fdi at the end of the center-right summit in Arcore. “Brothers of Italy, in confirming its unavailability to any future alliance with the Democratic Party and / or Cinquestelle, trusts in the same clarity on the part of the allies, convinced that it is necessary to be united not only in form but also in choices, projects and in the programs “, we read again.

“If the common opposition to a future proportional law for political elections is positive, the rules of engagement on how to form joint lists and programs are still unclear”, explains FdI, adding: “Out of 26 capital cities there are only 5, but unfortunately important, the cities in which the center-right will be divided in the first round but there are still several open nodes. Starting from the unofficial re-nomination of the outgoing president Nello Musumeci in Sicily, on which Silvio Berlusconi’s staff declared availability stopped in front of Matteo Salvini’s request to delay the announcement of the candidate. Similarly “, if” the “common opposition” to a proportional law for policies is positive, “the” rules of engagement on how to form common lists and programs “are still smoky.