Center-right, Tajani brakes on primary: “Left never had extraordinary results …”

Number two Fi warns Lega-Fdi, ‘leaders will talk about it at the right time’

” The primary? The leaders will talk about it at the right moment … ”. Antonio Tajani, number two of Forza Italia, brakes on the center-right primaries for the choice of candidates for the next administrative teams, a proposal launched several times by Matteo Salvini, who finds the Brothers of Italy in agreement. ” Up to now – the Italian national coordinator addressed to the allies warns Adnkronos – it is not that the primaries have allowed the left to obtain extraordinary results …. ”. Tajani also pulls himself out of the totonomi for the ‘after Mattarella’, which also brings up Silvio Berlusconi, because now for Forza Italia the priority is the budget law: ” The game of Colle? Now we have to deal with the maneuver, which is a fundamental tool to fight the Coronavirus on the economic front. And at the same time we must continue to fight on the health front since there is the risk of a fourth wave. Once these objectives have been achieved – he assures – at the beginning of next year we will talk about the Quirinale … “.

Tajani was among the first, if necessary for a climate of national unity, to give his ok to a negotiation with the majority to sign a government pact to secure the budget law in a table with Prime Minister Mario Draghi before of the vote in the Senate, in order to avoid nasty surprises on delicate chapters, which affect families and businesses. “We immediately gave our availability for a confrontation with Draghi … ”, says Tajani, who is ready to present at Palazzo Chigi the ‘package’ of measures developed by the blue party. ” Now – insists the number two di Fi – it is important to work to give concrete answers to citizens, promoting growth, reducing the tax burden. We must use these 8 billion of the budget law to reduce the wedge, to hit IRAP “. In particular, he points out, “the use of the superbonus must be extended to include sports facilities, so much so that tomorrow we will hold an ad hoc press conference”.