Center-right: “United on the Hill or alliance at risk”, and Meloni asks for “permanent direction”

This time the dessert was just for her. The pears in red wine, which Giorgia Meloni liked so much, last October 20, in the previous reunion at Villa Grande, were Silvio Berlusconi’s homage to the leader of Fdi. For all the other dessert babas, after the ravioli butter, sage and tomato, the fillet of beef and the side vegetables. And as two months ago, according to what we learn, together with the leaders of the center-right parties, Gianni Letta, the Cavaliere’s great adviser, took a seat at the table. This time he also managed to escape from the final photo of the leaders, which he did not manage last time, immortalized in a corner, almost without his knowledge.

On the table “the analysis of the political situation, in light of the complex economic and health situation”, as explained by the unitary note released at the end of the summit. Berlusconi, Salvini, Meloni, Toti, Cesa and Lupi speak of “understanding and harmony of a coalition which today governs the majority of Italian regions with excellent results and which aspires to return to the government of the country”.

The leaders also let it be known that the center-right “will face together all the next institutional and electoral appointments from the election of the Head of State to the next administrative and political elections”. A path that binds the strategies of the alliance hand in hand: unity must first of all pass through the test of the Hill, where Berlusconi’s ambitions will have to be expressed in a context that is still completely fluid.

An underlining on which the Brothers of Italy insisted: “For us – Giorgia Meloni would have said, addressed to Berlusconi and Salvini – it is easy to support our candidate, the center-right one, but if Draghi asks you to vote what will you do?”. Hence the request for a permanent direction of the alliance with a view of the Colle, which knows how to move based on what will happen from here to the vote, starting from the candidacies that will be put in place.

To those who saw him today, Berlusconi, who has not yet formalized any candidacy, appeared as someone who wants to run, having the cards (the votes) to be able to win. A candidacy on which all the allies have reiterated, between a toast and a joke, that they want to spend with loyalty. The starting point, it is clear to all, will be the ambitions of Draghi, on which Lega and Fi have already placed a first obstacle, inviting him to stay at Palazzo Chigi. But it remains clear that this is only a first move, on which Giorgia Meloni has preferred to remain on the sidelines.

According to Adnkronos, it was precisely the theme of the Quirinale that was at the center of the reflection that Gianni Letta wanted to share: it seems to me that the health situation and the pandemic are unfortunately again worrying – it would have been his reasoning – therefore also on the story of race to the Colle we must maintain great caution, waiting for the evolution of things. Not excluding a state of necessity, in short, that ‘freezes’ the boxes: both Palazzo Chigi and the Quirinale. On the subject, after the confrontation it was decided to meet again between 10 and 12 January. Before, however, next week, by the end of the year, the heads of local authorities will meet for discussion and coordination in view of the elections of regional delegates.