Centre, Mannheimer: “He has modest prospects, Meloni could incorporate him and aim for 35%”

The pollster: “Bold but possible to go to the polls in September also taking from the League which is now struggling”

The center has modest prospects. Even if 10-20 percent of voters consider themselves ‘centre’, the trend in the debate between the parties is so polarized between those who are for and those who are against the Executive, that very few votes remain in the centre”. So the pollster told Adnkronos Renato Mannheimer it is certain that the quarrels and divorce within the Third Pole team, even at the level of parliamentary groups, “are leading the electorate to distance themselves”. “According to our polls, to date Azione stands at 4.1 percent, Iv at 2.8. The sum is 6.9%, a figure that has now been stable for several weeks. It’s a shame, because together Azione and Italia viva could have achieved to 10%, however it is possible that they will decrease further”.

And for Bonetti and Rosato? “We no longer understand anything: they are individual maneuvers linked to the Roman political environment which have no effect on the general electorate, despite the fact that they are well-known figures. My thought is that Az and Iv could have campaigned together, but instead we will see further decreases. Perhaps Forza Italia could gain, which is at 7 percent, where the former center voters will head, bringing it to 8%”.

Glass ball lit after the European elections? “It will be then that Meloni will decide what to do.” Even going back to the polls in September? “The short legislature seems like a daring program to me, but Meloni is used to daring things. It could incorporate and expand FDI and aim for 35%“. With what votes? “Taking from the center, from Fi and from Lega which is now struggling, positioning itself below 10%. The image of Meloni, who at the moment has great popularity and electoral consensus, is no longer associated with the right-wing electorate but with the centre-right, a fact which could help her gain votes from the centre”. (by Roberta Lanzara)