CES 2024: Searcode presents Coverride

The first electronic smartphone cover in the world produced by an Italian company

Searcode, the Calabrian startup Searcode, a pioneer in the production of consumer electronics devices and already considered among the most influential hardware startups in Italy, on the occasion of CES 2024, announced Coverride, the first electronic cover for smartphones.

There was no better place than CES, known as the global stage for innovation, which is taking place in Las Vegas these days until January 12th to show the general public the unique features of Coverride, a smartcase that will allow users to instantly customize the design of your smartphone with images, animations and NFTs.

Designed with the intention of not just being a protective accessory but a real design tool, Coverride adapts to the needs and tastes of each user thanks to a dedicated app that offers access to a wide variety of designs created by international artists, creators and influencers, while at the same time leaving the user the possibility to personalize with ad hoc content.

Searcode extends the value of Coverride also to the corporate world, offering companies an innovative marketing tool and giving life to a new concept of corporate gadget: through a dedicated cloud platform, companies will be able to centralize and remotely manage employee covers, updating the contents displayed on the displays in real time and in a synchronized manner. This feature will transform each cover into a real moving advertising panel, allowing you to convey promotional messages, corporate values ​​or special announcements directly through the devices of partners, employees and customers.

The use of Coverride as a corporate gadget will offer companies a unique competitive advantage: the ability to capture attention in an innovative and engaging way, maximizing the visibility of the brand in every context.

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to see up close how Coverride integrates art, fashion and technology, transforming the concept of a cover from simple protection to a smart fashion accessory. Searcode’s presence at CES 2024 marks an important step in the company’s mission, with the aim of becoming a point of reference in technological innovation and design.

Coverride is a patented and Made in Italy product that is capturing the attention of investors and electronics distributors from different parts of the world and will be exhibited at the Venetian Expo, Hall G, Stand 62201, where Searcode will be part of the prestigious Italian delegation coordinated by Italian Trade Agency (ITA).

For more information: sealcode.com