Cesare Cremonini in concert, all four shows in Milan sold out

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Cremonini Indoor 2022: after the great success of Cremonini Stadi 2022, the show by Cesare Cremonini is ready to restart in the winter sports halls in the cities of Rome, Bologna and Milan and Mantua. After the announcement of the fourth and last date also in Bologna (11 November, Unipol Arena) the Cremonini Indoor 2022 records the sold-out in all four shows in Milan (13,14,16,17- Mediolanum Forum) after the already sold out announced in Mantua, in the four dates in Rome and in the first date in Bologna.

Announced last September 22nd Cesare Cremonini is back with an exciting duet with Lucio Dalla on the notes of the masterpiece “Starfish“, In an unprecedented version. It is about an unprecedented artistic operation: for the first time, in fact, thanks to Sony Music, Pressingline and to Lucio Dalla Foundation, the use of Lucio’s voice was granted from the original master of the 1979 song. “Stella di mare” is now reborn as a miracle, thanks to a renewed production capable of leaving intact the emotion of the song, the strength of its melody and text, bringing back the living and present voice of Lucio to the new generations. This event marks a new important chapter in Cremonini’s path, who cannot help but keep the threads of time together, combining the singing tradition of his city with the Italian artistic and musical life of which Lucio was a central figure of enormous cultural influence. “Stella di Mare” with Lucio Dalla will be included in the album “Cremonini Live: Stadiums 2022 + Imola“, Out on Friday 28 October, already available for pre-order and which contains the recording of the triumphal tour in the stadiums of this summer and the magical night of Imola.

Cremonini Indoor Tour 2022

29/10 – Mantua (Grana Padano Arena & THEATER) SOLD OUT

1/11 – Rome (Sports Palace) SOLD OUT

2/11 – Rome (Sports Palace) SOLD OUT

4/11 – Rome (Sports Palace) SOLD OUT

5/11 – Rome (Sports Palace) SOLD OUT

7/11 – Casalecchio di Reno BO (Unipol Arena) SOLD OUT

8/11 – Casalecchio di Reno BO (Unipol Arena)

10/11 – Casalecchio di Reno BO (Unipol Arena)
11/11 – Casalecchio di Reno BO (Unipol Arena)

13/11 – Milan (Mediolanum Forum) SOLD OUT

14 / 11– Milan (Mediolanum Forum) SOLD OUT

16/11 – Milan (Mediolanum Forum) SOLD OUT

17/11 – Milan (Mediolanum Forum) SOLD OUT