Cesena flood, two meters of water in houses: “The state will help us”

Residents try to recover the objects swallowed up by the mud: “It went through doors and windows and slipped everywhere, even into the freezer”

(from the correspondent Silvia Mancinelli) – The chest of drawers bought as soon as we got married, the mattress and the white cushions of the sofa. The plans, the documents, the made-to-measure kitchen. The photos, the books, the ball that a group of kids try to bounce on the river of mud. And then the bikes, the clothes, a hair dryer, a table. It is an infinite inventory of objects now eaten by the mud that is reviewed by those displaced by the bad weather that has engulfed Cesena. Someone hung up a tricolor, muddy that too. In the streets close to the Savio, people shovel mud with an eye to the sky. Meanwhile call on the army. “He should have been here yesterday morning”, a man tells Adnkronos – and curses the inertia of those who would have had the duty and the power to avert a similar tragedy.

Like Giuseppe Boccia, owner of the ‘Multiservizi Led’ where the water covered the entire basement floor and who explains to Adnkronos: “We flooded due to negligence, because the river was not cleaned and overflowed. Now I don’t know what we will do, I never expected something like this”. “The State help us – says an elderly man whose house, in a former shooting gallery – is completely unusable – The tenant of the apartment next to mine is hosting me, but the water has reached two meters in height. I have nothing left, the mud has passed through doors and windows, infiltrating everywhere, even in the freezer”.