CGIL and UIL strike, protest in Sicily tomorrow

Workers will fold their arms for 8 hours. Rallies in Syracuse with Bombardieri and Mannino

Tomorrow, Monday 20 November, the second day of the five strikes proclaimed by Uil and CGIL. This time, the workers of Sicily will be crossing their arms for 8 hours, except those who have already gone on strike on November 17th. The unions announced this in a note. The workers will all converge in Syracuse where the demonstration will take place with a procession, which will cross the streets of the city, and the rallies, which will be concluded by the general secretary of the CGIL Sicily, Alfio Mannino, and the general secretary of the Uil, Pierpaolo Bombardieri. Also present on stage were Pino Gesmundo, CGIL confederal secretary, Emanuele Ronzoni, Uil organizational secretary, Luisella Lionti, general secretary of Uil Sicily.

“The reasons for the mobilization promoted by the two Confederations remain identical to demand policies that stop the constant impoverishment of income from work and pensions, that guarantee security, that combat industrial desertification, that reduce inequalities, that aim at territorial development. All issues that workers, workers, pensioners and young Italians have in common and which, in Sicily, appear particularly accentuated by the absence of policies for the recovery of the South”, write the unions recalling that the general mobilization will continue on the 24th November, for the Northern regions, 27 November, for Sardinia, and 1 December, for the Southern regions.