CGIL Bologna, USSR anthem instead of the International: “A mistake”

The new secretary Bulgarelli: “The position on the war is clear”

In place of the International, the anthem of the Soviet Union plays and the CGIL Bologna ends up in the storm after the election of Michele Bulgarelli as general secretary. “The Congress of the Chamber of Labor of Bologna ended on the notes of the International, which has always been the anthem of the workers’ movement, and which reminds us of the international instance from which the union was born”, reads the Facebook page of the CGIL Bologna.

“Among the various voting operations, before the election of the Secretariat, the Soviet anthem was confused by the director with the International. The controversies that arose following this mere material error cannot make us forget the position of the CGIL on the war, position known and contained in all our documents”, continues the post.

The new general secretary Bulgarelli is of few words. “We have already written that it was a material error and I reconfirm it. What should we expect from the right on the other hand? I don’t want to lower the level of the discussion”, he replies in conversation with Adnkronos. “On the other hand, it’s not that I expected so much,” he continues.

But one point must be clear, continues Bulgarelli: “The position on the war is that contained in the CGIL congressional document, signed by the leader Maurizio Landini, voted on and discussed in all workplaces in view of the opening of the next congress of the confederation of Corso Italia in March”. A position “that took us from the first demonstration to the great demonstration of last November 5th”. Not only. The CGIL congress in Bologna also “rejected by an overwhelming majority an amendment to the national document which came from a trade congress which took less clear positions with respect to the responsibilities for the conflict; an amendment which made the responsibility for having unleashed the conflict”, explains Bulgarelli again. “Clearer than that, it’s a discussion that doesn’t exist”, he cuts short.