CGIL, Meloni at the congress today: tension on the tax reform

Presidium of a minority of the union, stuffed toys and posters against the premier: “Meloni, not in my name”

The CGIL congress entitled ‘Work creates the future’ is underway in Rimini and today Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will take the stage. The intervention is expected for 12. The union of Corso Italia had been working on the invitation for some time. “I consider the fact that the premier has agreed to participate in the congress positive because he speaks of the respect and recognition of a union that represents millions of people and has a centuries-old history behind it,” said CGIL leader Maurizio Landini. Meloni is the first premier of a centre-right government to participate.

“We have never had a ruling against any government: we calculate and measure ourselves against the existing executives. Then we can be in agreement or not with the government in office but this is part of the democratic game”, he added, recalling how in history of congresses the CGIL has always invited the prime ministers in office.

In his speech, from the stage of the 19th CGIL congress, Landini did not spare the government, criticizing it on several fronts: migrants, differentiated autonomy, taxation, pensions, basic income, work and precariousness. Not a dossier on which the executive has kept faith with the announcement to carry on an effective dialogue with the social partners, thus revealing the consideration in which the executive holds the union. A 360-degree criticism on which the axis between CGIL, CISL and UIL was also reassembled, which from the Draghi government onwards was experiencing a season of crisis and which will bring the unions together again in the squares. Soon and on “a program of initiatives that does not exclude any tool”, explained Landini, suggesting that the ultimate goal could also be a new general strike.

Yesterday again: “In this country there is a fundamental point which is the fiscal question: a country that stands by with taxes paid by employees and retirees. And I say it clearly: I’m annoyed at always being I also pay for those who don’t pay them and that it is always me who guarantees that public health instead of those who don’t do it but use it.The taxman, on the other hand, is a new pact for citizenship and if 90% of the Irpef pay it out employees and retirees, however, the government only talks about it with businesses or with those who evade taxes”, he said, acclaimed by a stadium cheer from the audience, bringing the debate with the opposition to another central issue for the union in search of a front community against the government.

And he relaunched an old proposal of his: “An extraordinary contribution for the creation of a solidarity fund to create jobs with which to rebuild social cohesion in the country”. On the other hand, with 100 billion in evasion there is only the road to recovery to be followed even if, Landini explains again, another road is possible: “May the money, the cash disappear, leaving the tracking necessary to technology to nip the ‘evasion”.

And today, in view of the arrival of the premier, around a hundred colored soft toys appeared led by Peppa Pig, already a symbol of the LGBT+ anti-Meloni protest, with a handkerchief around his neck with the words “never again fascism” in front of a banner that recalls the ‘Roots of the Union’ metalworkers. All to the sound of a beautiful hello. Recalling the protest already implemented in Cutro after the massacre of immigrants, this is the heart of the garrison that the CGIL minority led by Eliana Como is carrying out in front of the Palacongressi door. Next to it is a second even clearer banner: ‘Meloni: not in our name – Cutro: state massacre!’. About forty delegates animate the protest by chanting bella ciao and other songs of struggle and gradually unfurling other banners against the government. ‘Alongside those who fight’, we read. The cuddly toys will then find a place in the front rows of the immense hall of the Palacongressi just below the stage from which Meloni will speak: “A sort of memento”, explain the organizers who will in any case leave the hall so as not to listen to the premier’s speech.