Chambers, Meloni-Letta clash on the choice of presidents

The secretary of the Democratic Party: “The worst choices made. Beginning of the legislature with an incendiary logic”. The reply of the Fdi leader: “Very serious words”

It is a clash between Giorgia Meloni and Enrico Letta after the election as president of the Chambers of Ignazio La Russa and Lorenzo Fontana, respectively, to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Commented on the choices made by the center-right, the secretary of the Democratic Party affirmed that “the legislature begins with an incendiary logic, which confirms the fears of the EU”. Offspring defined as “very serious” by the leader of Fratelli Italia.

MELONS – “The words spoken by the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta on the sidelines of the congress of European Socialists in Berlin are very serious”. Thus in a note the leader of Fdi Giorgia Meloni. “Affirming abroad that the election of the presidents of the two branches of the Italian Parliament is motivated by a self-styled ‘perverse logic’ and ‘incendiary’ and that the choice of Italian parliamentarians confirms ‘the worst concerns around Europe’ is scandalous and represents a damage to Italy, its highest institutions and its international credibility. Letta apologizes immediately “, concludes the premier in pectore.

READ – Enrico Letta’s reply on Twitter is very close: “It is not the majority that tells the opposition what to say and how to say it”. In a previous tweet Letta expressed “my solidarity and that of all the PD to the President of the Senate #LaRussa. Those writings are unacceptable” with reference to the writings against Ignazio La Russa that appeared at the Fdi headquarters at Garbatella in Rome.

PROVENZANO – The deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, Peppe Provenzano, also replies to Meloni: “Giorgia Meloni expects an apology from us, the first opposition party. Take responsibility for having divided the country with extremist choices at the top of the institutions. a government and give answers, if it is capable of it. It does not have the power to tell us how to oppose “.

SERRACCHIANI – “Giorgia Meloni calm down – says Debora Serracchiani, leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber – To be very serious are her words addressed to Letta. You learn to accept and respect the criticisms of the opposition, we are not the only thought”.

LOLLOBRIGIDA – “After having spent the last few years denigrating the opposition and even explaining to us how the Italian right should have been, today the Democratic Party accuses Giorgia Meloni and Fdi of wanting to squeeze the political action of the left into the opposition for the mere fact of having the serious declarations by Letta, made above all from abroad, addressed to the second and third positions of the State as unacceptable. Institutional roles, worthy of respect because they are provided for in our Constitution and elected according to the modalities contained therein with large majorities “, declares the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, Francesco Lollobrigida. “Insulting the institutions only because they are unable to occupy them by popular will is – remarked Lollobrigida – a serious attitude and in contrast with the principles of the rule of law and democratic morality which the left too often fills its mouth with without understanding. the meaning. Therefore, colleagues Letta, Provenzano, Serracchiani, Zingaretti do not pretend not to understand: a party secretary, whether of opposition or majority, who goes abroad to insult and delegitimize the second and third positions of the The state is simply inappropriate and causes very serious damage to Italy, even more than to those directly involved. The hatred and bitterness of this left for the continuous electoral defeats do not justify a reaction aimed at weakening our country “.