Champions League, Inzaghi: “Inter in the final, I’ve always believed in it”

“We’ll fight for it in Istanbul”

“Probably from tomorrow we’ll realize what we’ve done; it’s been a long, difficult journey against very great teams. But these guys believed in it from day one, in this period we’ve had semi-finals in the Coppa Italia, a championship where we’re still fighting and for luckily we were able to limit the injuries.” Inter coach Simone Inzaghi told Sky after his success in the Euroderby and qualification for the Champions League final.

“What does my first Champions League final represent? A great satisfaction, a goal achieved with great sacrifice. I believed in it right from the draw, it’s a great satisfaction that I will enjoy more from tomorrow. Winning it? There are great teams in the other semifinal, whoever happens will find an Inter who will play for it. There is great satisfaction. Having won four derbies in four months, we know how much it cost us last year. But the boys were perfect, they went back and forth with aggression, commitment and crazy determination. Now it’s only right that we enjoy an evening like this,” added Inzaghi.