Channel 5, total embarrassment live: the episode did not go unnoticed

Surreal episode that happened a few days ago in the very popular Canale 5 program: it all happened live, incredible!

The moments of pure embarrassment are quite frequent in everyday life and everyone has happened to experience some of them. Moments caused by one word too many, by an unexpected gesture, by a gaffe that just didn’t want us: in short, we understood each other! But when all this happens on TV, the matter seems even more grotesque and the eyes on him are truly countless.

Channel 5, absurd episode (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

We leave you to imagine, therefore, what was the result of the scene that occurred in the studio of a very popular TV program that airs every day on Canale 5. Let’s talk about Morning Newsthe morning container of the Biscione which during the summer takes the place of Morning Five.

Like last year, once again the management is entrusted to the talented Simona Branchetti. Professional, self-confident and very well-prepared, the blonde journalist might never have expected to be embarrassed by the uncomfortable questions of one of her guests. But let’s see in detail what happened: incredible, really!

Canale 5, the whole studio embarrassed: everything happens live

As in every episode, even in that of Friday 26 August there were guests connected from home in addition to those present in the studio. Among those at a distance there was also Caterina Collovati, often featured on various talk shows. It was she who put Branchetti ‘in difficulty’ with questions regarding her private life.

At that moment, the topic dealt with were the gossip, the flirtations and the sentimental breakups of the well-known faces that are animating this summer 2022. Among the most talked about separations of this period there is also that between Anna Falchi and Andrea Ruggieri: Collovati took the opportunity to ask the presenter what is true in the rumors circulated in recent days about her and Ruggieri, former Forza Italia deputy and nephew of Bruno Vespa.

Indeed, the weekly Who had caught the unusual ‘couple’ on the beach days ago, albeit specifying that there is only a friendship between them. However, it is difficult for Branchetti to hide her embarrassment: “No, no, I rule it out. If you are referring to the news circulated, we only have a great friendship “, she replied clearly to Collovati.

To give a hand to the version of the presenter he also thought about it Roberto AlessiDirector of Novella 2000, who confirmed in all respects what she declared: “I have been there too, I have already undergone an interrogation. Basically it seems that they have been going on vacation together with many, many other friends for years. Then there are always these naughty paparazzi who cut the photo and you see the couple. Instead there were at least twenty. “

Channel 5 live
Channel 5, all embarrassed (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

In short, no scoop on a hypothetical liaison between Simona Branchetti and Andrea Ruggieri: did you know that the strong friendship that has binded them for some time?