Charity dinner and solidarity for the IEO Monzino Foundation in Milan

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“Doing good is good”. This is the phrase repeated by the guests of the charity dinner, organized to raise funds for the IEO Monzino Foundation in Milan. “Objective”, explains prof. Enrico Cassano, “is to buy a coil which is part of the machine to perform the magnetic resonance of the breast. Some women more than others are exposed to breast cancer through familiarity, for this reason they must undergo a special magnetic resonance every year, which is done with a contrast medium. The latest generation machines, the “high field” ones, give the same result, allowing – however – to avoid precisely the contrast”, specifies the professor.

Nicoletta Saracco, who has been under treatment at the IEO Monzino for three years, is the organizer of the event. “At the age of 29 I fell ill with metastatic breast cancer”, she says. “Creating itinerant events to support the Foundation is my commitment. It is necessary to believe in solidarity. It is necessary to make people understand that solidarity is fundamental and I try to do my part by telling my story: in this way I try to convey the importance of prevention, also in this Christmas Edition dinner”.

From the Gioconda of Gabicce Monte to the Clotilde Bistrot: the “away” dinner is curated by the starred chef Davide Di Fabio, who works in the Marche restaurant. Young and passionate about his craft, he has also received the green recognition for sustainability. The menu, between paccheri with tomato sauce, dark veal with a side of mashed potatoes and neola alla suzette, predisposes the palates and hearts of those present to a particular generosity. “Our watchword is “working ethically. We use quality raw materials, always sustainable, favoring local products. We are also the first restaurant Plastic Free. “I am convinced”, suggests the chef, “that many good causes depend on good food. Nutrition is fundamental, science teaches us that. We must consume not only luxury foods, but legumes, local products, anchovies and not squid that come from the other side of the world, because eating healthy helps you feel good, prevent disease and prevention is essential”.

Great generosity from guests and sponsors. Cristina Tassinari, CEO of Disco Diva, says “every gesture is important. My presence, that of the guests, of the chef and his brigade, of everyone-tonight-is pure charity. When you bring solidarity into people’s lives, things change,” she says.

Of the same opinion is Vittoria Ganassini, head of Sustainability at the Ganassini Institute. “Doing good is a must. There is no profit without sustainability; it has always been like this for my family and perhaps – today – we talk a little more about certain topics. We pay attention to sustainability also because of what is happening to the planet, but we also and above all pay attention to people. Helping the IEO Monzino Foundation means a lot to us. Receiving a smile from patients, from people who suffer, who are being treated, is the greatest reward. It is clear that scientific research and machinery are fundamental, however, we need to dialogue with people and help them”, remarked Vittoria Ganassini; she who then trusts to help others to help herself, to heal herself and others: “it is a communion and a sharing of goods”.

“It takes altruism, generosity and a desire to understand the cause. When the guests – on an evening like this – realize what is behind it, then they participate with great enthusiasm”, says Federico Palazzotto, events manager of the IEO Monzino Foundation. “The Foundation is a non-profit body that has been involved since 1994, the year of its birth, in supporting the clinical and experimental research activities of the European Institute of Oncology and the Monzino Cardiological Center, it is the only one that does this, explains Palazzotto . Supporting the work of our doctors and researchers, who are excellent, so that we can find the cure, is the most difficult challenge to overcome. The IEO was recently recognized, by the NewsWeek ranking, as the first hospital in Italy and one of the first in the world. We have to ensure that the discoveries made in the laboratory can reach the patient’s bed directly and evenings like this are essential to do so”.

A lottery and an auction enrich the evening’s fundraising, conducted by Paolo Bravura, while DJ Francesco Tassinari and musician Aax Donnell, with their performances, celebrate the therapeutic power of music.