Charlene of Monaco ‘escapes’ from Monte Carlo: the confirmation comes from her husband, what is happening

Princess Charlene of Monaco ‘escapes’ from Monte Carlo, confirmation comes from her husband Albert II: what is happening?

There is no peace for the royal family of Monte Carlo. After Charlene’s long absence, who spent ten months in South Africa, a new case now engulfs the couple. The princess has ‘escaped’ from Monte Carlo and this is confirmed by her husband himself.

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Princess Charlene of Monaco ‘escapes’ from the Principality: her husband confirms (Source: Instagram)

Charlene of Monaco ‘escapes’ from Monte Carlo: the words of her husband

Charlene is there Princess of the Principality of Monaco, as wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco. Before becoming a princess, she was a swimmer and model. She won two gold and one silver medals at the 1999 Pan-African Games and also participated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics in the 4 × 100 relay, finishing fifth. Following her retirement from competitions in 2008, she devoted herself to humanitarian activities and her life as a princess.

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Charlene of Monaco hospitalized

Recently, however, the Princess of Monaco has made her subjects worry. Charlene, in fact, spent ten months in South Africa. According to what was leaked by the royal family, the princess was forced to stay away from home because she underwent three operations to the head. The princess would have ended up in the clinic several times urgently and for this reason her return to Monte Carlo was delayed.

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However, there are those who, both from the Italian press and from the foreign press, do not believe in these versions. Some have even speculated that the royal family may be in crisis and that Charlene’s return to Monaco was only authorized to ‘save face’.

Now it seems that the princess would have already left Monte Carlo. The confirmation came right from husband, Albert of Monaco, in an interview with Monk Matin: “Charlène is better, but she still needs rest and tranquility. For this he will stay some time away from the Rocca. She is very tired, not only physically but also psychologically “.

Prince Albert then added that the place where she moved will remain secret: “Although far from the Principality, it will be easy for me and the children to visit her and spend time with her”. According to many, the words spoken by Alberto could confirm the hypotheses of an alleged crisis between the two, indeed, this could be a step that precedes the confirmation of the end of their relationship.