“Charles and Kate racists with Archie, son Harry and Megan?”: storm at Buckingham Palace

The Royal Household is also considering legal action against the authors of the scandalous book

It was King Charles III and his daughter-in-law Kate who made the infamous comments questioning that skin color would have had Harry and Meghan’s first child? Their names are mentioned in the Dutch version of Endgame, the new scandal book about the royal family, but not in the English edition. And inevitably they immediately hit the British media. But this time it is possible that the Royal House intends to react. Asked by the BBC whether legal action was being considered, Buckingham Palace responded: “We are exploring all options.”

The story of the alleged racist comment was brought up by Meghan during the famous television interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. Then the Duchess of Sussex said that at least one member of the royal family had “conversations” with Harry about the color of their future child’s skin. Meghan didn’t want to name names, and then it only transpired that it wasn’t Queen Elizabeth. The accusation of racism has always greatly annoyed the royal family. But now that names have been mentioned, perhaps we no longer try to pretend nothing happened in the name of the famous motto: ‘Never complain, never explain’.

It is unclear how Charles and Kate’s names ended up in the Dutch edition, which was quickly withdrawn. In fact, the names had to be excluded from the final version of the book. Endgame author Omid Scobie told the BBC he didn’t know how this could happen. But now the damage was done.

Television journalist Piers Morgan has already reported the names of King Charles and his daughter-in-law, the future Queen Kate, in his television broadcast last night. “I will tell you the names of the two important royals mentioned in the Dutch version of the book because, frankly, if a Dutch reader can go into a bookshop and see these names, even the British, who pay for the royal family, have a right to know them” , he declared on TV. Is a new chapter now opening in the clash between the Sussexes and the rest of the family? Charles and Kate certainly do not intend to be seen as racists in the eyes of the public, an accusation that would have terrible repercussions on their image in an increasingly multicultural Britain.