Charles III, if Camilla wears trousers at home: what happens to the royal couple

Faced with certain hesitations from the king, the queen consort would take charge of the situation

If on some public occasions, the latest at Balmoral a month ago, King Charles III wears a kilt, it seems that in the royal house it is Camilla who wears trousers instead. In fact, when faced with certain hesitations, it is a question of bringing out character, The queen consort would take charge of the situation. Even if you have to face heavy doubts, such as whether or not you have been a good parent.

And so, we learn that Camilla told Carlo to “be a man” and “not be tormented by guilt”, thinking of himself, in the face of certain requests from his son, of “not having been a good father to Harry.” These ‘advice’to tell the truth not too mild, must still have affected the sovereign’s pride, according to RadarOnline, given that would have provoked “the greatest quarrel ever of the rulersleaving their marriage on the rocks.”

At the origin of the king’s last torments, which concern his relationship with his youngest son, and of the hypothetical and furious argument with his wife, according to what sources close to the royal circle reported, was also his surprise in learning that Camilla prohibited Harry from staying at any royal property without prior ‘reservation’. Precisely at that point, faced with the sovereign’s remonstrances, the queen would have taken matters into her own hands, putting on trousers, putting her foot down and responding to Charles.