Charles III turns 75, between public commitments and family dinner (without Harry)

One thing is certain: King Charles III is not superstitious, if it is true as it is true that he celebrated his 75th birthday by cutting the cake early. But on the other hand he is a sovereign, one of those who also celebrate two birthdays, the natural one and the official one at the beginning of June, known as trooping the colour. And maybe even three: today, at the end of a day that will still be work, an intimate family dinner.

The launch of the Coronation Food Project

But let’s go in order: first the duties of the King, faithful to the motto “business as usual”. In fact, today the sovereign launches his Coronation Food Project. A plan that has a double objective: to address the problem of the growing number of people who cannot afford food, and at the same time to prevent millions of tons of excess food from being thrown away.

In an article published in the street magazine “The Big Issue”, which dedicated its cover to him for the occasion, the King explained the underlying reasons for the campaign: “The need for food is a real and urgent problem as the waste of food”. And he added: “The high cost of living means that too many families and individuals are unable to consume nutritious meals”. Considerations that clash with those of the now former Interior Minister Suella Braverman, who only a few days before losing her job he had defined the homeless people who sleep in tents on the streets as “a lifestyle choice”.

The project aims to create distribution hubs to connect food surpluses with the estimated 14 million people facing food insecurity.

The celebrations at Highgrove

Today’s birthday, which will however have some solemn moments such as the cannon shots exploding at the Tower of London, was preceded by the reception at Highgrove: the refuge of her soul, the heart of her environmentalist spirit. He who as Prince of Wales has made environmental protection his battle par excellence and who only a few days ago was forced to read his first King’s Speech announcing, without batting an eyelid, new drilling in the North Sea. Not exactly a nice gift from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. In his residence in Gloucestershire, Carlo wanted local teachers, musicians and health workers. Because the sense of community has always been important to him. Remember the “doggy bags”, the portions to take home, he said, cutting the three-tiered cake, with a serene, affable manner. And also showing off that sense of humor that belonged to father Filippo and mother Elisabetta. A guest offered him food. And he, with a smile: thank you, I support myself with one meal a day.

Family dinner, but without Harry

In the evening it will finally be family time: a dinner in the Clarence House residence, a few steps from Buckingham Palace. With an important defection: there will be no second son Harry, who remained in California. In recent days the tabloids have wasted rivers of ink to reconstruct who snubbed who. The result does not change: the Duke of Sussex will not be there and this cannot be a reason for happiness for his father. However, we learn that the rebellious son will phone his parent. And who knows if Carlo learned the news from the newspapers.