Charles III wants to make peace with Harry for strategic reasons

Camilla’s help will be needed

King Charles III wants to reconcile with his rebellious son Harry, Duke of Sussex. It is not only the heart of a father that drives him, but there are also strategic needs for his role as sovereign. The Daily Mirror wrote it, explaining that it is not just a matter of trying to show ourselves as a happy family, but of a broader strategy, to heal fractures and build bridges. And in this strategy we cannot ignore Queen Camilla, the woman that Charles loves and who Harry has publicly called “the evil stepmother”.

Carlo has not only a personal but also a strategic need to resolve the issue. It is not sustainable for the king, who is a symbol of national unity, to find himself on such bad terms with his son,” a former member of the royal palace staff explained to the Daily Beast. Camilla, a pragmatic and listened-to advisor to her husband, will have a crucial role. It is unclear whether Harry’s public apology to him will be necessary at some point. However, it will not be an easy road. The Windsors are known for being stubborn. A trait shared by both Charles and his younger son.