Charles Muda tells himself in quatrains in his Ep Quitting

Charles Muda releases his second EP Quit available digitally from 8 June. With this new collection of songs, the rapper and producer from Rome found the time necessary to reflect on his emotions, bringing to light his anger, dreams and shortcomings for an EP that turns track after track into a personal diary. In the chaos of fragmented and hectic life, Muda try to make order by identifying what is really important for his life: the affections, the friendship but above all the music: I wrote this Ep because I needed to take notes on what was happening to me so as not to repeat the same past mistakes – says Charles Muda – I have tried to summarize myself within a few quatrains. For the first time I did not write in one breath but I let life and its events rule my pen. Quitting tells about my life, family relationships, loves, friendships, emotions, drugs and failures that have marked me, losing the color of “Pop Art” but finding a new blend of black and white “.

The emotional evolution of Charles Muda coincides with the alternation of different soundscapes: from the passionate and Latin mood of “Quitting”, up to the delicacy of songs like “Moon and Sun” and “Talking”, passing in the middle of the vaporous uptempo of “Non Era Vero “. Among the unpublished works, the focus track stands out Flying carpet, an injection of adrenaline from the electro punk atmosphere on which Charles Muda download all the anxieties and reflections dreaming of being able to fly away with your own music. The second unpublished is Déjá Vu a captivating and unpredictable song with an absolutely distinctive sound.


1. Talk
2. Flying Carpet
3. It wasn’t true
4 Déjá vu
5. Moon & Sun
6. Stop

Produced by: Charles Muda, Lorenzo Minozzi, Davide Grazioli
Mix and Master: Lorenzo Minozzi
Cover: Chiara Yan